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Adam Forshaw has been ruled out for the season after Leeds United announced he was set for surgery to solve his ongoing hip problem.

That’s a big loss – Adam Forshaw being fit would have made a huge difference to Leeds this season.

Sure, he was out during the seven-game win streak, but he was fit in the early part of the season, when Leeds performance data was at its best.

During his spell in the side, in the first two blocks of this five-game rolling average, Leeds were at their peak for xG and their xGA was at its lowest. Soon after his injury, xGA began to climb and even Leeds’ average xG has fallen.

Forshaw isn’t particularly a creator, but he was a key part of Leeds completely dominating midfield in the early games and thus creating many chances. We’re sad he won’t play again this season as the team looked so good with him in it. We can still go up, but he’d have helped.

Particularly with xGA still climbing – if he could have returned before the season end to bring that solidity back it would have been most welcome.

Kalvin Phillips coming back from suspension will address this to a point, but when they were together it seemed Leeds would never concede in open play.

That’s certainly not the case anymore.

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