Kiko Casilla is a goalkeeper under fire at Leeds United. 

He’s out of form on the pitch, with plenty of fans calling for him to be dropped, and he’s got an upcoming FA hearing for racist abuse.

That now looks like it’s going to be heard next week with Casilla facing a lengthy ban if he’s found guilty – an outcome that Phil Hay thinks is “highly likely”.

Talking on the latest episode of the Phil Hay Show, the Athletic journalist said, “It looks like the hearing will take place next week and it will be quite a complicated affair with people from various clubs attending.

“Casilla still denies the charges completely and will do at the hearing.

“Because there is support for [Jonathan] Leko’s claim from Macauley Bonne who is standing behind him and saying ‘yes he was racially abused’ it is likely that Casilla will get banned and if he is he’s looking at a minimum six-game ban.

“I’ve said before that I think it will be a six-game ban and that would take him out for a large chunk of the season.

“Because Leeds have been bracing themselves for a ban, that tells you it’s highly likely he’s going to get one.”

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Complicated case

Some Leeds fans have posted on Twitter to say that they would welcome a ban for Casilla but that’s a very poor take on such a serious incident.

If Casilla is found guilty then it’s a stain on his career that he’ll find it hard to completely recover from.

We can’t imagine Leko is making these allegations up so the best that you can say for Casilla is that the Charlton player misheard something.

If that’s the case it’s going to be a real body blow if he is found guilty.

The fact that Leeds are backing him to the hilt suggests that they think he has a strong case but if he is found guilty they’re going to have to accept the charge and move on.

Phil Hay said one thing that won ‘t happen is the club shredding his contract, although it’s entirely possible that Casilla could choose to leave England in the summer.

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