By David Woods

24th Mar, 2020 | 6:30pm

Leeds striker details how Bielsa is keeping tabs on him during lockdown

The UK might be on lockdown but the Leeds United players are still training to maintain a level of fitness while Thorp Arch is shut.

Each player has had an exercise bike delivered by the club and they have to weigh in each day as they did while they were at the Leeds training ground.

Talking on BBC’s Monday Night Club, Leeds striker Patrick Bamford said the players had been instructed to use certain scales and to send pictures in every morning.

And he also revealed that the Leeds players were using the Adidas Running App that was then being monitored by Marcelo Bielsa and the Leeds staff.

“They’ve asked us to buy certain sets of scales and to take pictures and send them in every morning,” Bamford said.

“We got told to download the Adidas Running app, so everything we do running-wise is monitored on that – distance, time, so they can judge the speed.”

One issue is that the players are on a training program with no set end.

“We don’t know what we’re aiming for because we don’t know when we’re going to be back. That’s tough,” Bamford added.

Bamford also said that the players were keeping in touch on group chat but that he’d now been 10 days without seeing other people, bar going to the shops.

Bamford confirmed that he was fit and healthy and it’s good to hear that the players are on monitored programs.

The Leeds players might not be at the same level they were when the season was suspended but the hope will be that they’ll be as fit as any other team once the season gets up and running again.

With games likely to be played behind closed doors when the season does start again the end of the campaign is set to be very weird, but promotion is the end game and we’d welcome any steps to get the rest of the season played.

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