One of the most enduring stories of the past year has been the potential QSI investment in Leeds United.

The first real concrete confirmation that something was happening behind the scenes came from Andrea Radrizzani himself when he revealed in the Times that he was in talks with the Qatar investment group.

With Leeds on the brink of a return to the Premier League, the time seems right for investment or a takeover, with Radrizzani saying that QSI could take Leeds into the same bracket as Man City.

That’s understandably got a lot of Leeds fans excited but that was before the Coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing hit to football clubs and the economy in general.

The most visible example was Man United losing half a billion pounds in value last week.

So does this mean a QSI takeover is less likely?

Not according to former Crystal Palace chairman and talkSPORT pundit Simon Jordan.

Talking on the Jim White Show (talkSPORT, Tuesday, 11am), Jordan said that once the Coronavirus outbreak was over, it would be an even better time for investors in football clubs.

“Yes, I think it is [ a good time],” Jordan said. “Not only because the current asset is depressed. When you talk about Man United losing 10% of its stock price, that’s only temporary.

“We’ve got a landscape now that is desolate. When we recover, which we will do, football will go through a sea change. Governance will need to be put into place to ensure that if something similar happens again, we won’t need to hear of institutions facing bankruptcy.

“I think this is particularly true in the Championship, where clubs are chasing the holy grail of the Premier League. It will give investors a greater feeling of security and a sense that it’s more sustainable.

“I don’t think it will be a feeding on carcasses of football teams. I think there will be greater sustainability. It’s an interesting time and a good time, and when the dust settles an even better time for investors.”

Jordan prefaced his comments by saying that he wasn’t ignoring what was going on in the wider society, but that talk about football still had its place.

This is very true and the path Leeds are on – promotion to the Premier League – with a massive and passionate fan base, makes them one of the most attractive investments in British football.

Leeds will need investment if they go on and secure promotion. The squad will need strengthening and it would seem like the prime opportunity for investment to come in – whether that’s a full takeover or Radrizzani selling a stake and retaining control.

Jordan knows what he’s talking about. He’s bought a football club before and has been talkSPORT’s expert on the football economy since the Coronavirus pandemic.

This is good news for the Leeds/QSI deal and a glimpse into a brighter future not only for Leeds but for everyone in the game.

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