By David Woods

12th May, 2020 | 8:41am

'You can't relegate us' – Bowyer warns EFL & his alternative plan would have big impact on Leeds

Charlton manager Lee Bowyer has sent a strong message to EFL chiefs saying, “You can’t relegate us on where we stand today.”

In the meeting set for later this week, Bowyer will tell the EFL he wants the season to be dialled back and decided after one full set of fixtures.

That would see the Championship stand as it did on December 23, with Charlton out of the drop zone.

Leeds would drop to second and West Brom would be crowned champions.

Charlton are currently in the bottom three of the Championship and would be relegated if the season was finished now, or decided on a points-per-game or weighted points-per-game system. 

Talking to Sky Sports on Monday, Bowyer said, “I’m hearing a lot about this points per game and finish where you are in the table.

“We’ve only been in there [drop zone] for six days the whole season. For it to be called how it is today would be scandalous and unfair on every level.

“I think the fairest way to do it would be halfway through the season, so everyone’s played everyone once. You put it back a bit.

“There’s supposed to be a meeting later in the week with the managers and hopefully someone from the EFL to go over our points, so I’m hoping that goes ahead and I’ll be saying to them what I’m saying to you now, ‘That can’t happen, you can’t relegate us on where we stand today because that wouldn’t be right. You would kill our football club.'”

Leeds in super-strong position

Let’s get one thing straight. There hasn’t been much talk of adopting a system like this to decide the season, which would expunge 14 games from the record books.

It’s quite amusing to watch every team desperately try to argue their corner, although we admit it wouldn’t be so funny if Leeds were in the same position.

As it is, there’s no realistic scenario that would see Leeds outside the top two and voiding the season has been taken off the table.

Even if Bowyer’s system was adopted – and it’s very unlikely – Leeds would still be in the top two and eight points clear of Sheffield Wednesday in third.

We would obviously like Leeds to go up as champions and the plan would have a big impact on the Whites.

But would we be unduly bothered if the trophy was given to West Brom? Absolutely not. Promotion is absolutely everything.

We’d be happy to share it with West Brom if both teams were promoted. We’d even be happy if neither side was awarded the trophy.

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