By David Woods

12th May, 2020 | 7:32am

Leeds United get massive promotion boost as Masters confirms two key points for PL

Following the key meeting on Monday, the Premier League chief Richard Masters has confirmed two key points that give Leeds United a massive promotion boost.

The first is that no teams even broached the subject of pulling relegation from the season.

The Times reported that Masters confirmed that none of the 20 clubs pushed for the season to end early or for relegation to be taken off the table.

In addition, Masters confirmed that ending the season early had been discussed for the first time and that, if the worst-case scenario happened, relegation would still happen. [The Mail]

That backs up the stance of FA chairman Greg Clarke who had warned ahead of the meeting that he would block any attempt to remove relegation from the Premier League.

Masters was quoted as saying, “It was the first time we discussed curtailment. It’s still our aim to finish the season, obviously, but it’s important to discuss all the options with our clubs.”

This news is about the best that Leeds could have hoped for.

Everyone is on the same page and with the FA and the Premier League presenting a united front, it gives rebel clubs nowhere to turn.

Barring an unlikely legal challenge, relegation will now happen from the Premier League whether the season goes ahead or not.

And the Championship has already committed to teams going up after EFL chairman Rick Parry threatened legal action if the Premier League didn’t commit to three up and three down.

It’s obviously the correct decision with over three-quarters of the season played.

It means the focus of the current bottom three clubs – Bournemouth, Aston Villa and Norwich – and possibly others, will shift towards playing at all costs.

Under the points-per-game system, these three clubs would be relegated if another game isn’t played.

Aston Villa have a game in hand but are totalling less than a point per game.

If a weighted points-per-game system was used, Bournemouth would survive and West Ham would go down alongside Villa and Norwich.

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