By Pranav Shahaney

13th Oct, 2021 | 10:40am

Victor Orta: Restricting overseas talents more harmful than beneficial for English game

Leeds United director of football Victor Orta believes that the points-based system for transfers will not help promote English talent.

According to The Athletic, at a data analytics meeting held at Stamford Bridge last week, Orta discussed the issue of governing body endorsement (GBE) points which is the system to assess eligibility in the UK for the recruitment of both players and managers.

A points-based system has put been put into the player to encourage greater participation of players coming through the ranks from academies rather than being recruited from overseas.

However, Orta doesn’t see it that way. The Athletic relayed his thoughts as, “Cryne (Barnsley’s director) and Orta, given the clubs they work for, were both particularly negative when considering the impact of GBE on the game.

“Orta’s slant was that, if the end goal was to increase the quality and volume of English talent coming through academies, it was more harmful than helpful to restrict the talent pool from which clubs can recruit.

“Having better quality on the pitch will raise standards and create a better pipeline of talent but reducing that quality will only make it more difficult.”

Makes a very good point

Not every club has the infrastructure or the finances to build world-class academies that can produce the next big thing every two or three years.

Often, the mid-table sides rely on talent scouts in the lower divisions as well as overseas, to recruit talents that are not valued a great deal by their clubs and not in the spotlight of some of the ultra-rich sides.

However, the new Brexit rules have made it complicated to recruit from overseas as clubs now have to go through the extra red tape to ensure the players are eligible.

Things get a lot more complicated if they’re under the age of 18 as things like a minimum salary or a certain number of international appearances come into the picture.

This is not how recruitment has been recently, but unfortunately, it seems like it’s going to be this way for the foreseeable future.

We’re hoping that if voices like Orta continue to speak up against it then maybe things could change, giving clubs like Leeds a slight wiggle room in terms of their recruitment.

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