Sky Sports is making the most of the much-anticipated return of Leeds United to the Premier League. 

It broadcast part one of a new Leeds United documentary, The Fall & Rise of Leeds United on Sky Sports on Monday afternoon.

The documentary – featuring interviews with Peter Risdale and Eddie Gray – went out at midday on all Sky Sports channels showing The Football Show.

If you missed it, you can watch Part 1 below on the Sky Sports YouTube channel – it covers Leeds dropping from the Champions League semi-final to League One. (Warning: the show contains plenty of Peter Risdale.)

Part 2 (of three) is going to be broadcast tomorrow on Sky Sports at midday and we presume it will also be uploaded to YouTube for anyone who doesn’t have a subscription.

PL return a long time coming

It’s been a long time in the wilderness for Leeds and we doubt there were many people who thought that it would be 16 years before the club was back in the top flight.

In the documentary, Kevin Blackwell said that he hoped it could have been him who got Leeds back in the Premier League, saying whoever did it would be a god.

That honour fell to Marcelo Bielsa, who also has the best record of any Leeds manager.

Leeds fans might find it painful to listen to Risdale saying his track record in football is good and that Leeds wouldn’t have gone down if he was in charge, but the documentary is fascinating.

And the coverage on The Football Show today and the documentary wound up rival fans who think that they’re being ignored by Sky.

This West Brom fan summed their thoughts up well when he said to Sky Sports, “I didn’t realise only Leeds United got promoted.”

We think Fulham and West Brom fans are going to have to get used to this and they’ve got bigger things to worry about than how much airtime Leeds get.

The other two promoted sides have been installed as favourites to go straight back down this season.

In other Leeds United news, CL side table identical offer for Leeds-linked player after Whites looked close to deal


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