By James Murray

6th Oct, 2023 | 12:36pm

Simon Jordan rages at 'ridiculous' Leeds United development live on talkSPORT

Simon Jordan has raged live on air at a Leeds United development that has emerged regarding the club’s relegation from the Premier League.

The Daily Mail reported on Tuesday (3 October) that the Whites, Burnley and Leicester have written a joint letter to 777 Partners – the prospective new owners of Everton – asking them if they are aware of their plans to sue the Merseysiders for £300million pending the outcome of a Premier League independent tribunal on 25 October.

The three clubs are unhappy the charges were not dealt with last season as they believe the delay may have helped the Toffees escape relegation by avoiding a points deduction, with talkSPORT pundit Jordan bemused by the approach taken by the sides in question.

“That’s just ridiculous,” said Jordan on Friday (6 October). “I mean first and foremost, writing to somebody to suggest ‘are you aware’ to what end? Because they might make them an offer to be able to hit it off at the pass or they might stop them from buying Everton as a result of it?

“The rules in terms of adjudicating the timings of adjudication are down to the Premier League and the clubs that are sitting in it. Their argument is that this would have been adjudicated in a much more timely fashion.

“The issue is that these Premier League football clubs want things done in a more timely fashion. If they want the rules to be more far-reaching, guess what you do – you get into an AGM as the 20 clubs and you say to the central management of the Premier League ‘we want these rules change and we vote upon it’.”

Rare situation

This is an extremely rare situation and one that hasn’t really been seen before as three clubs are threatening to sue Everton in the coming months.

There will be an awful lot of interested eyes watching the events that will occur when the Blues face their hearing at the end of this month.

There is no real reason why the process should have taken this long to be conducted, though, and the sides in question are right that it could have had a huge impact on who was relegated last season.

With 777 Partners looking to secure a takeover at Goodison Park, it will be interesting to see what approach the US investment firm takes if the club is found guilty.

It’s unlikely that the Whites and the other two clubs will receive the money they are seeking in full, but they definitely could have a case if the Toffees don’t get the result they are hoping for.

In other Leeds United news, a defender has been ruled out until after the international break.