By Mark Smith

21st Feb, 2022 | 4:10pm

Simon Jordan: Leeds medical staff should have overruled Marcelo Bielsa over Robin Koch, Jim White insists they won't risk jobs

Simon Jordan has insisted that Leeds United medical staff should have gone against Marcelo Bielsa if he urged Robin Koch to return against Manchester United.

The German international picked up a heavy bang to the head and returned to the pitch only to be subbed minutes later after going through concussion protocols.

Jim White hit back at Jordan, insisting that staff members could have been risking their jobs if they took his advice.

Speaking live on talkSPORT’s White and Jordan this morning (21 February, 11:50 am) the co-host started the debate.

“I’m not surprised that statement has come out,” he said. “The medical staff are saying we have a hypocratic duty to make sure the players are looked after, don’t you dare suggest that we didn’t follow that particular duty.’

“Of course, we’d much prefer to see a situation where we aren’t put into a corner. I understand it, but they can also but their proverbial on the block and say ‘this player isn’t fit for purpose’ – I don’t care what Bielsa says.”

White hit back at those quotes and admitted that those staff members could have risked their jobs by standing up.

“They’re not going to do that are they? You think a member of the medical staff is going to put his job on the line by breaking ranks.”


This was dangerous, no other words about it.

Koch may have wanted to continue, but he has since admitted that he simply couldn’t in a released statement.

Surely, the staff could have seen that before throwing him back onto the pitch, regardless of what he may have said.

Of course, it’s extremely difficult to make a decision within minutes when it takes time for concussion symptoms to arise.

We don’t think it would have gone as far as staff members risking their jobs, and Bielsa would surely have understood, with the health of players the main priority.

Something needs to change within football, and this incident proved that it needs to happen quickly, not just at Elland Road.

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