By Dave Woods

15th Oct, 2019 | 7:52am

'Ridiculous', 'No brainer' – Some Leeds fans split over Radrizzani reveal

One of the most interesting bits of detail that came out of the Times interview with Andrea Radrizzani was the level of wages paid to Marcelo Bielsa and his staff.

In the interview, Radrizzani says, “The club makes losses, in this league it is impossible not to. We are still paying the consequences of my first year because I was inexperienced and we made some expensive mistakes with players.

“But we haven’t stopped investing. Bielsa and his staff cost £6 million [a year], we bought many other players and I think we have a squad to be promoted. It’s financially not sustainable to keep this level of salary which is now over £30 million, probably £33 million with Marcelo and closer to £40 million with the coaches.”

Some of the info there sounds a little confused, but it seems that Leeds are paying £6m for Marcelo Bielsa and his staff, plus a lot extra for coaches.

It’s hard to put a figure on how much a manager is worth. Players are easy as the figures paid are a lot more public.

What is obvious is that Leeds are paying top dollar for their manager and coaches, and that this is the route they’ve decided will lead them back to the Premier League.

Last summer the club used loan signings to boost the squad, with Ben White, Helder Costa and Eddie Nketiah coming in for the season.

It’s hard to say they’re wrong with this approach. Leeds have been transformed by Bielsa and he’s getting way more from the current squad than any previous manager.

However, not all Leeds fans are convinced and there’s some healthy debate going on on Twitter at the moment.

It really comes down to whether you believe managers make a difference. Some fans don’t, with one saying, at the “end of the day it’s the players that win/lose games not the manager.”

This was rebutted by a few fans, with one pointing out that Bielsa took the same group of players that finished 13th in the 17/18 season to 3rd last season.

Another said paying the money for Bielsa was an “absolute no brainer” and added, “You can’t buy a player for £7mil these days that take you from mid-table to title contenders. You can pay £7mil for a manager and coaches who can.”

The majority of fans are behind Bielsa and think that paying the money for him is the right thing for Leeds to do.

However, it’s certainly not unanimous and despite playing the best football in the Championship, it just shows that you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Especially when you run a football club.

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