By Daniel Feliciano

17th Oct, 2022 | 5:40pm

Richard Keys absolutely furious with officials during Leeds United defeat v Arsenal

Richard Keys has slammed the officials from Arsenal’s win over Leeds on Sunday, claiming they didn’t need to suspend the game due to VAR troubles.

The game was suspended for 38-minutes after just 23 seconds of play when a power cut meant there was a problem with goal-line technology, VAR and the referee’s communication with the match centre.

But Keys, writing in his weekly blog [17 October] has slammed the decision to half play as “a joke” and claimed the officials shouldn’t have needed technology for the incidents at the end of the game because he could see it from 3500 miles away in real time.

“Why was the Leeds game help up for 38 minutes whilst they fixed the technology?” he said.

“Does no-one care about paying fans in the stadium? Are we so reliant on technology now that we can’t play a game without it? What a joke.

“And don’t tell me that it was needed to sort out the mess at the end. I was watching 3500 miles away and could see that Bamford instigated that trouble. And that Gabriel’s response was petulant not violent.

“All it needed was for the officials to do their jobs properly.”


Leeds were so good in the game yesterday, especially in the second half, and ultimately got absolutely nothing for it because of a missed penalty and two big calls from VAR.

While we can argue all day about whether VAR was needed or not, there isn’t a debate that they didn’t really have a choice but to wait and get it all up and running because of the integrity of the league.

Without VAR we win the game, because the Bamford goal stands and we get another penalty late on in front of a crowd at Elland Road that was absolutely bouncing, but unfortunately it wouldn’t have been right.

We can’t only complain when it goes against us, because in reality the decisions this time around with VAR were the right ones despite how much it burns to say that.

Keys moans a lot, and usually it’s nonsense. That’s the case here again unfortunately, despite the fact that he’s actually arguing in our favour (sort of?).

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