By David Woods

30th Mar, 2020 | 7:10am

Report: 'TV mega-event' to see 19/20 season concluded in govt-backed plan, brilliant for Leeds

Independent journalist Miguel Delaney has reported on a plan to finish the Premier League in what he calls a “TV mega-event” over June and July.

He claims he has been told that the plan to televise all 92 games, with matches on every day, has attracted “increased government backing”.

The Premier League clubs would train in isolated “World Cup-style” camps to avoid any cases of Covid-19 that could wreck the plans.

Training ground pitches could be used instead of stadiums but there are other issues to work through.

Broadcasters, cameramen and officials would need to be quarantined too and the matches would need to have access to medical facilities.

The Independent report doesn’t mention what would happen with the Championship but the two leagues are closely linked.

If Leeds are going to get promoted one of two things need to happen.

The most obvious is that the Premier League is played out and teams are relegated. That would open the door for Leeds United to be promoted either through playing the remaining nine fixtures or by positions as they are at the moment.

It seems inconceivable that the Premier League would relegate three teams and not promote anyone.

The second way is for neither season to finish and for Leeds and West Brom to be promoted into a 22-side Premier League.

However, it seems like there is growing momentum to get the Premier League finished and the Times reported today of the huge financial penalties all top-flight clubs would face if it wasn’t.

The “TV mega-event” is also being seen by the government as providing a big boost to the nation when it needs it the most – after a few months of staying indoors.

If the logistics can be worked out it would be brilliant for football and brilliant for the prospects of Leeds getting promoted.

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