By Pranav Shahaney

19th Nov, 2021 | 7:40pm

Rajpal Brar: Hard to put timeline on Bamford return due to complications

Patrick Bamford’s Leeds United return could be getting delayed due to complications surrounding ankle injuries, claims Rajpal Brar.

Brar, who is a renowned sports scientist with over 30k followers on Twitter, shared his insights into Bamford and his potential return for the Whites.

The England international last kicked a ball of football professionally was in September and it’s been two months since he’s been ruled out.

Speaking about his injury on the FPL Injury Podcast, Brar said, “When it comes to ankle injuries, I’m a little wary to give a timeline.

“Potentially with these injuries you see a bone bruise that manifests down the line which could be the case with him. You have to play it by ear and see.”

Hope he’s fine

Ankle injuries are notorious ones as they seem innocuous at the start, but they lead to complications in the due course.

Bamford seemed to be fine a few weeks ago and everything looked like he was gearing for a Leeds return.

However, he’s clearly not ready to come back and it could be down to what Brar said.

There has been no official word from the club so we’re in the dark as anyone else who’s not part of the rehabilitation.

His absence is clearly being missed and Marcelo Bielsa surely cannot wait to have him back in action as Rodrigo hasn’t really impressed while leading the line.

Hopefully, we get a better idea sooner rather than later as to what’s really going on with the Englishman.

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