By Dave Woods

16th Oct, 2019 | 11:48am

Radrizzani responds to Leeds fan about Nketiah being unhappy on bench

Leeds striker Eddie Nketiah made the headlines last night when he scored three goals for the England Under-19s in a 5-1 win against Austria. 

He then made some more in a post-match interview with Sky Sports when he said he wasn’t happy being on the bench at Leeds.

One Leeds fan reacted to this story and tagged club owner Andrea Radrizzani into his post that said: “It’s time to switch things up. Start him [Nketiah] this Saturday and bench Bamford or even start then both. Something needs to happen before he gets recalled in January and bangs loads of goals in for someone else.”

Radrizzani responded and accused the media of misinterpreting the story.

He added that this had happened twice this week, in relation to the Times interview that Radrizzani gave and that he moved to clarify on Twitter afterwards.

In response to the Nketiah story, with Sky Sports leading on the “Nketiah unhappy with Leeds bench role” quote, Radrizzani said, “It’s time the news should report the correct words and not translate in something else. Twice already these week! So much interest in making news out of Leeds. Let’s stay focus and support the lads and the manager. We have a mission to accomplish and enjoy our centenary.”

Radrizzani followed up with another tweet that said, “Everyone wants to play, it’s normal. I only care of 3 points Saturday. So please, call me as you like but let’s win and all focus on what matters.”

On the last point, Radrizzani is correct. Everyone wants to play and Nketiah was only saying what every player not starting would say.

However, he did use the words “unhappy” and that’s a clear message to Marcelo Bielsa and Leeds.

As far as the Times interview goes, Radrizzani only has himself to blame. He chose to give an interview talking about investment on the week of Leeds’ centenary.

He knew it would create a stir and it’s his fault if he didn’t make it clear enough that he was talking about taking investment in the future.

Some might say that the Leeds owner might be better off taking a break from interviews and from Twitter for a bit.

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