By Mark Smith

22nd May, 2022 | 12:30pm

Premier League invite Leeds United & Burnley to discuss Everton finance complaints - report

The Premier League are inviting Leeds United and Burnley representatives to meet with Richard Masters over their huge complaints over Everton finances, according to the Telegraph.

It has been reported by the newspaper on their website that the two clubs will support each other no matter who is relegated on Sunday afternoon on the final day.

The Premier League remain confident that Everton have not breached their profit and sustainability rulings, with both clubs expected in London over the next week.

Everton have posted losses of over £300million over the past three years.

Under Premier League rules, clubs are only allowed to write off losses of only £105million, but after meetings with the league, they are satisfied with the reasoning behind those losses.

Andrea Raddrizani and Alan Pace are spearheading the threat of legal action, although it doesn’t look as though either Everton nor the Premier League are too worried about that.

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It is also indicated that there are no reasons to believe that the original accounts were erroneous.

Clutching at straws.

Radrizzani is said to be spearheading this complaint with Pace at Burnley, although this does scream of desperation to cover his own mistakes at this stage.

This complaint could have been made months ago, and although it was made before the Toffees secured their safety, it is hard to ignore the trouble we are in heading into this final day.

The Premier League are not going to take points away from Everton, and they will go out to protect their own name and that of the one of their longest-standing clubs – we all know that.

Leeds need to concentrate on what happens on the pitch today, rather than these complaints and potential legal action as we take to the field against Brentford.

It could get very messy if that doesn’t happen, and this potential legl action could take months to be concluded, although the Premier League look as though they want to nip this in the bud across the next week.

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