By Mark Smith

6th Sep, 2022 | 11:10am

Phil Hay: 49ers Enterprises discuss financial plans as Leeds United takeover plan still in place

Phil Hay has shared that the 49 Enterprises are still positioning themselves to active their takeover option at Leeds United, with financial plans being discussed.

The Athletic journalist shared that representatives for the Americans were now in town and were spotted at the latest Elland Road showdown against Everton.

Andrea Radrizzani still owns 56% of the club, but the NFL consortium still have the option to buy him out before a set date which is currently in 2024.

Writing in his latest column for The Athletic this week [06 September], Hay shared the latest as the Americans were once again spotted in town.

“49ers Enterprises holds an option to buy the Italian out and become the majority owner of Leeds before a set date in 2024,” he wrote.

“And while there has been no shift in the shareholding at Leeds since November 2021, it is understood 49ers Enterprises is still positioning itself to activate the option it negotiated and is discussing financing plans.

“What is still unclear is the exact timescale it envisages — or how much a 49ers Enterprises model of ownership would differ from the existing framework at Leeds. Those are questions which remain unanswered.”


The 49ers clearly have a very good working relationship with Radrizzani, and that means they will never put him in a position where they will look to force him out.

It means that everything will be transparent and it should lead to a smooth transition of new majority ownership at Elland Road in the next two years.

Paraag Marathe and his team are often at Elland Road and have been there this week it seems as if they look to grow closer to everything and everyone involved.

With financial plans on the table and at the heart of discussions, it is clear that we are getting much closer to that date and everything will be in place and ready to go once it comes.

Concerns regarding the lack of spending towards the end of the window may show that the fans are also ready for this to happen, with big change certainly on the horizon at Elland Road now.

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