By David Woods

22nd Apr, 2020 | 8:01am

'Strong recommendation' – Official statement gives fresh boost to Leeds promotion hopes

UEFA released an official statement after its meeting with 55 members on Tuesday – and while it was short on detail, the news is still good for Leeds’ promotion hopes.

The key line in the statement as far as Leeds fans are concerned is: “There was a strong recommendation given to finish domestic top division and cup competitions.”

One absolute key to Leeds getting promoted is the Premier League getting finished and three teams being relegated.

If this happens, then it’s almost certain that teams would be promoted from the Championship.

That could happen either by playing out the remaining nine fixtures of the season, where Leeds would be overwhelming favourites to end in the top two, or by ending the season on a points-per-game basis.

This is the solution that’s being used in Scotland to decide every league below the top flight.

Most Leeds fans we know want the season to finish on the pitch, although most have now accepted that they won’t be allowed in the stadiums to watch.

That’s a blow but most fans appreciate how important promotion is to Leeds and that this is a priority.

We think Leeds United have earned promotion – they’re seven points clear of Fulham in third and according to leading prediction site FiveThirtyEight, they have a 98% chance of promotion if the season is played out.

The real focus from Leeds fans should be on the Premier League. The EFL is likely to follow its lead with the Championship, irrespective of what happens to Leagues 1 and 2.

The take from the Daily Record is that UEFA will only listen to ‘exceptional’ requests to end top-flight seasons early and they think that would apply to Belgium and Scotland.

The Premier League is one of the flagship leagues in Europe and there will be massive pressure to play this to a conclusion.

This is good news. Regardless of what happens to the Championship, we think relegation from the Premier League is the key to Leeds’ future.

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