Leeds United and West Brom could bankrupt the EFL if they are denied promotion and file successful lawsuits against the governing body, according to Daily Mail journalist Amitai Winehouse.

One of the most widely talked-about plans for the suspended 2019/20 season is to declare it null and void with all teams staying in the same league they’re currently in when the 2020/21 season kicks off.

The FA have already cancelled seasons below the National League North and South and a number of fans, pundits and journalists are calling for the Premier League and EFL to go down a similar route.

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Leeds would be one of the hardest-hit clubs if this was to happen with promotion to the Premier League being worth £200million to clubs.

Most importantly, the league-leading Whites are nine matches away from returning to the top-flight after a 16-year absence and deserve more than anyone else to go up.

Winehouse claims that Leeds, as well as West Brom, would have solid arguments to seek compensation from the EFL and that could cause huge financial issues for them.

“The EFL is a company called The Football League Limited and each club is a shareholder. It’s a hard argument to run, but if they decided to act in accordance with the Premier League and cancel the season, Leeds and West Brom could argue the EFL’s board acted with unfair prejudice against a minority shareholder,” Winehouse wrote on the Daily Mail website.

“For example what if the decision was solely made to retain Leeds as an EFL club as they have global support and offer a better sell to broadcasters? A decision of this kind would completely prejudice Leeds and other clubs seeking promotion, it would also not in keeping with the ethos of the EFL articles.

He added: “Imagine if the Football League ended the season, Leeds and West Brom lost revenue, were denied promotion, it went to a tribunal and they won with damages of £200million – it would bankrupt the Football League.”

leeds united

Even though a lot of Leeds fans, understandably, have it in for the EFL, no one would want to see this scenario play out because winning promotion is more important than anything else.

Yes, it would be great to see the EFL regretting their decision to deny Leeds promotion form the Championship but that wouldn’t be better than seeing the club finally end it’s 16-year-long spell outside of the top-flight.

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