Jamie Redknapp predicts Newcastle United will be in for a tough match when they take on Leeds United at St James’ Park on Tuesday night.

Steve Bruce saw his Newcastle team fail to win for an eighth successive Premier League match on Saturday night when they lost 2-0 to Aston Villa.

The Magpies have also not scored in three league matches and suffered a humiliating 1-0 defeat to rock-bottom Sheffield United in recent weeks.

Newcastle are in a lot of trouble and are hurtling towards the Premier League’s relegation zone but Leeds’ form is not exactly much better.

Marcelo Bielsa has seen the Whites lose both of their two Premier League matches without scoring a goal this month while they were also dumped out of the FA Cup in a 3-0 defeat to League Two side Crawley.

Sky Sports pundit Redknapp has suggested Newcastle could revive their form against Leeds on Tuesday but admits it won’t be easy.

Redknapp, as quoted by the Yorkshire Evening Post, told Sky Sports: “They are playing against a Leeds side that are bang out of form, maybe they can turn it around in that game?

“But it’s tough.

“They are in a real predicament in so many places it’s impossible to nail one thing on and say ‘oh it’s Steve Bruce because they could get rid of Steve Bruce, very easily, but it won’t change’.

“Mark my words, it will still be the same football.”

leeds united

Stoppable force meets a moveable object

Leeds and Newcastle are polar opposites in terms of their style of play but their form is very similar as they slowly slide towards the Premier League positions you don’t want to be in.

According to stats by FBRef, Leeds’ xG is the sixth-highest in the league at 29.6 while Newcastle’s is third-worst at 16.3.

As for xGA, Leeds are second-worst in the league [32.7] and Newcastle are only one place better off in the rankings at 28.0.

For all the attacking might the Whites have shown in the Premier League, their once-unstoppable attack has started to falter and Newcastle’s once-solid defence is also easy penetrable.

What happens when two teams like this meet? One relies heavily on attacking football and the other relies heavily on defending. However, neither are standing out at what they are supposed to do best.

Is the logical prediction for this match a draw? Because it seems that way.

Football isn’t that simple though but there’s still a lot more good to be said about Leeds than there is Newcastle – at least there’s not a massive campaign against the manager or the ownership.

Based on the two moods at the club, Leeds should win this. But football springs up surprises and as we’re still slightly downbeat, we wouldn’t be shocked if Newcastle win either.

In other Leeds United news, some fans slaughtered this Leeds loanee for his performance on Saturday.


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