Leeds United have been criticised at times for their open style of play and Marcelo Bielsa is disappointed at how some of his comments have been construed and criticised.

In an interview with Sky Sports he touched on his comments last week, when he stated that he would rather finish 12th playing entertaining football than finish 8th playing poorly.

He took the opportunity to set the record straight while re-emphasising his viewpoint on the subject.

“I have expressed my opinion on this many times but it’s not the one that seems to get across,” Bielsa told Sky Sports.

“What I said in this most recent case is that playing well is the most effective way of obtaining good results.

“How can I ignore the importance of results when we all know that if a manager doesn’t get results, he won’t have a job?

“We have continued playing in the same way we have played throughout my time with these players.

“We have prepared all this time to play in that way, so it wouldn’t be intelligent to waste that experience just because we are competing at a higher level now.

“Instead we want to capitalise on it.”

When will the media learn?

It seems that some sections of the press are determined to find something to criticise us for.

Even when we are playing well the likes of Jason Cundy and Gabby Agonlahor struggle to praise us.

This Sky Sports interview is another example.

Bielsa does not often give lengthy interviews so an opportunity to delve into his mindset has been wasted.

Bielsa should be asked why other teams still cannot cope with his style after almost three years of him being in England.

Instead it is the same old questions about defensive vulnerability or whether we can maintain our running levels for the entire season.

Where is the praise for staying loyal to the same players that get us promoted last year even when things have gone against us?

The fact we are 10th and achieved that while playing entertaining football deserves huge amounts of praise, not careless criticism.

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