Gary Lineker has said that he wants to see the 19/20 domestic leagues finished “across the board” once it’s safe to do so. 

He said that the players are effectively having their summer rest now and would only need a couple of weeks to get up to speed to resume the 19/20 campaign.

He added they wouldn’t then need another pre-season and could move straight into the 20/21 season without a break once the remaining fixtures have been played.

Lineker was talking on the Breakfast show on talkSPORT (Monday, 9am) after a radical plan to finish the Premier League had been reported.

That would see all 92 Premier League games televised in a “Mega TV-event”, with teams quarantined in World Cup-style camps away from friends and family.

However, Lineker believes that the 19/20 seasons should be finished “across the board” and said that all supporters, except “maybe the ones that hate Liverpool” would get behind the plan.

“Ideally we’d like to finish the season, that would make sense. But the situation is so fluid and so much more important than anything else, you don’t know when it’s going to go away.

“It might have cleared in time for June and it would help to clear the league ahead of the next season. That would be the fairest thing and obviously legally it would be the best thing to finish the leagues across the board.

“That’s what all the fans, except maybe the ones who hate Liverpool, would want.

“But when do they start again? June? August? The good thing is that the players are having their rest now, it might not be ideal, but when they get back, a couple of weeks to get up to speed and they wouldn’t need another pre-season after the remaining fixtures.”

It’s great to hear Lineker talk about finishing leagues across the board at a time when so many other people are just focused on the Premier League.

That might be where the money is but how can you finish the Premier League and not the Championship?

As Lineker has said, that would open up the authorities to legal challenges that could get exceptionally messy.

The EFL is in solidarity at the moment with all 24 clubs wanting the current season to be finished.

The big question is when this could happen. Boris Johnson has said to expect things to get worse before they get better in the UK and the chance of football resuming at the start of May is looking increasingly unlikely.

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