By Pranav Shahaney

20th Nov, 2023 | 8:40pm

Leeds United set to go ahead with multi-million decision involving Everton

Leeds United, Leicester City and Burnley have made their decision regarding taking Everton to court post their points deduction, according to Paul Brown.

The Josimar journalist told Give Me Sport on 20 November that the clubs have briefed the media plenty of times and are prepared to go ahead with the decision.

The Daily Mail have reported that Leeds may be in line to receive as much as £100million if they’re successful with their suit.

Brown said, “I think Everton would be foolish not to be worried about potential claims by Leicester, Leeds and Burnley. This has been something that’s been rumbling in the background for a long time now. Those three clubs have been briefing the media about their intention to do this and I’m told they will go through with the threat.

“There was a verdict in a separate hearing, confirming they do have a potential claim. That claim will now be heard as part of this process and while it’s going to be incredibly difficult to quantify the losses that those clubs incurred, the Independent Commission did find that Everton gained a sporting advantage from their overspending.”

Give it a shot

It appears clear that Leeds are gearing up to pursue compensation, asserting that they have fallen victim to Everton’s alleged misconduct.

The objective is to initiate a financial claim to address the losses suffered following Leeds’ relegation from the Premier League.

With backing from fellow relegated clubs like Leicester, Southampton, and Burnley, the collective stance is underpinned by the belief that Everton’s rule breach provided them with an unfair sporting advantage.

The fact that they’ve briefed the media so often and lawyers are saying they’ve got a valid basis for an appeal means that they will be going ahead.

The anticipation of securing financial redress from the Toffees seems optimistic, and Leeds are resolute in their intention to follow through with this course of action in the ensuing months.

The Whites’ supporters are hopeful that this compensation, if granted, could serve as a welcome windfall, aiding the club’s bid to reclaim a spot in the Premier League.

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