By Mark Smith

9th Sep, 2022 | 12:00pm

Leeds United may now not play until October in Premier League - Phil Hay

Leeds United may not play their next Premier League game until October after the death of Her Majesty The Queen, according to Phil Hay.

Great Britain and the World are still coming to terms with her passing, with the Premier League postponing this weekend’s fixtures as a mark of respect.

With the state funeral to come, the Premier League may also postpone next week’s fixtures, with the international break then to follow that in the world of football.

Writing on his personal Twitter account, Hay shared the latest on future possible postponements as everyone gets to grip with the sad news.

“Depending on possible postponements for the state funeral, and factoring in the international break, Leeds might not have a game now until October 2,” he wrote.


So, if the Manchester United game follows the clash with Nottingham Forest being postponed, Leeds will next run out in the Premier League against Aston Villa.

Of course, there are two different ways of looking at this.

Football coming to a standstill makes perfect sense with the country in a state of mourning for the Queen, and respect is shown that way.

Leaving games on and having those minutes of silence as well as the national anthem is another way of showing that respect, but this feels like the right call to bring it to a standstill for now.

Some things are more important than football, and this is certainly one of them as what team you support suddenly doesn’t matter, it’s all about that respect.

It was left to the Premier League and their teams to come to this decision after government advice, so we may expect the same to happen next week too.

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