By Pranav Shahaney

21st Nov, 2023 | 9:10pm

Leeds United deadline emerges for multi-million deal as Everton insiders question claims

Leeds United, Southampton, Burnley, Nottingham Forest and Leicester City are facing a deadline to seek compensation from Everton.

The Times reported on 21 November that Toffees’ insiders question the merit of the claims as just one club would’ve been affected by any alleged wrongdoing.

The clubs have 24 days left to make their case to the Premier League to seek a multi-million compensation as it is a four-week deadline since the ruling came on Friday, 17 November.

Act quick

From a Leeds perspective, the unfolding scenario involving the independent commission’s decision on compensation claims following Everton’s ten-point deduction appears to present a potential silver lining.

The fact that the Whites are among the clubs pursuing compensation underscores an opportunity for financial redress that could positively impact the club’s resources.

Leeds, alongside Burnley, Leicester City, Southampton, and Nottingham Forest, seem to have a window of four weeks to formally pursue a claim for tens of millions of pounds in damages connected to the Everton case.

The potential windfall from a successful claim could inject significant funds for the San Francisco 49ers, providing financial flexibility for transfers, infrastructure development, or other strategic investments.

The prospect of substantial compensation could alleviate financial pressures, allowing Leeds to strengthen their competitive position and enhance the long-term prospects, potentially leading to more sustained success on and off the pitch.

It could also give them the impetus they need to build a side sustainable not just to get promoted but to stay in the top flight.

In other Leeds United news, the club are set to go ahead with a multi-million move as the decision has been made with the media already briefed.