By Pranav Shahaney

4th Dec, 2021 | 9:10pm

Leeds United chief Angus Kinnear responds to criticism over his comments

Leeds United chief Angus Kinnear has responded to the aftermath of his comments on the fan-led review.

In the programme notes ahead of the Crystal Palace clash on Tuesday, Kinnear questioned calls for an independent regulator and transfer levy after the sports minister Tracey Crouch-led review came into the spotlight.

For these comments, he faced backlash from many of the game’s stakeholders, most notably Gary Neville, who responded within minutes of the quotes being out in the media.

Via his personal Twitter account, Neville said, “Anyone remember when Leeds United were in the Championship sweating like crazy over their own financial state if they didn’t go up?

“How has it come to this within 12 months? A sorry state of affairs. Surely even Leeds fans don’t like these programme notes on the Fan Led Review.”

To which, Kinnear responded, “Prominent commentators claimed my opinion on wealth redistribution would not have been the same if Leeds United were still in the Championship, but they couldn’t be more wrong.

“The proof of this is that when we were members of the EFL, we were not focusing on the hand-outs or redistribution but, among a small number of other clubs, were challenging what we believed to be a woefully undervalued EFL media deal.

“I believe competition, unfettered by government control and undistorted by non-merit based hand-outs, is the heart of a flourishing professional pyramid that inspires and funds flourishing grassroots.”

Status quo

It does not seem that Kinnear is backing down from his original stance which is quite surprising, to say the least.

He referred to this fan-led review as Maoist and that’s clearly something he shouldn’t have done,

Neville makes some valid points about Leeds and the Championship and Kinnear possibly would not be making these claims had the Whites still been in the second division.

While he continues to deny that stance, deep down, he probably knows that is the case.

However, the status remains quo on the fan-led review and it may not get any impetus as most of the clubs are now seeming to oppose it.

It remains to be seen how this one transpires.

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