By Mark Smith

15th Sep, 2022 | 8:10pm

Leeds United bring in £115million from 21/22 Premier League as Kieran Maguire drops figures

Leeds United raked in £115.1million from the 2021/22 Premier League payments despite their relegation struggles, as Kieran Maguire shared the figures.

The Finance Guru praised the Premier League for their democratic way of distributing the cash throughout the 20 clubs, despite other criticisms of their workings.

Norwich became the first club to finish bottom to earn over £100million, showing the benefits of staying in the top flight on the final day last season.

Writing on his personal Twitter account, Maguire praised the Premier League despite previous complaints as Leeds roll in the cash with their rivals.

“Whilst the Premier League comes in for a lot of criticism at times one of the things that it has historically got right is the democratic way in which it distributes money between clubs,” he wrote.

“Norwich became the first side finishing bottom to earn £100m+ in prize money.”


Just looking at these figures, it is unbelievable.

The benefits of staying in the Premier League are written out clearly, with the guaranteed income of over £100million each season critical for clubs in the modern day.

That drops dramatically if you fall into the Championship, and things would have been tragic if that happened in the 2021-22 season.

Jesse Marsch helped avoid that though, and we have moved on, something that can hopefully continue this season and we avoid all of that stress and trouble.

With the 49ers pushing for a potential full takeover in or before 2024, this Premier League status and money is going to be pivotal for that, with the figures only set to rise.

The international influence is only rising in the Premier League, and with that, the payments will go up with television money and everything else only going up.

£115million is in the bank, let’s aim much higher this season.

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