By Mark Smith

11th Jan, 2022 | 7:15am

Leeds send training hours data to FIFA, ahead of most of Europe - Phil Hay

Leeds United have collated their annual training hours for submission to FIFA, according to Phil Hay.

The Athletic journalist has shared that this is common among clubs, with the Whites unsurprisingly ahead of most European clubs.

Training at Thorp Arch is no joke, with Marcelo Bielsa notoriously pushing his squad to the very edge in every single session.

Writing in his latest piece for The Athletic, Hay shared that data had been sent off to FIFA throughout the season.

“Some injuries are out of the blue, some might be wear and tear,” he wrote.

“What is not in dispute is that in a typical week, Bielsa drives his players to the limit and rarely cuts corners. Many clubs collate their annual training hours for submission to FIFA and Leeds’ total is invariably well ahead of most of the European field.

“The picture of intensity painted at Thorp Arch has never been a facade.”

How far is too far?

We are all for Bielsa running his team into the ground, one of the main reasons for our success in this superior fitness.

But, when injuries are consistently happening on the training pitches at Thorp Arch and not in games, surely there is a problem.

Joe Gelhardt was the latest to fall, with Patrick Bamford also picking up yet another problem under his hip – the list continues.

There have even been instances of the players injuring each other, with Charlie Cresswell dislocating his shoulder.

We love the intensity and the extraordinary hours being put in at Thorp Arch, but there has to be a point where player care comes first – we’re running out of options.

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