Leeds United fans had a lot of questions after a fresh share issue was filed at Companies House on Friday. 

The document was posted by football finance guru Kieran Maguire, who said that Leeds had received £23m from issuing 5,042,754 shares at a price of £4.56 each.

One man who’s always got his finger on the pulse of Leeds financials is Mike Thornton, a @LeedsFansUtd director.

He said that the fresh share issue accounted for the first £23m of money from the San Fran 49ers, which gets their percentage to 25.8%.

Thornton also said, “Looks like Radz could have possibly cashed in £8m of shares at the same time.”

That would mean that Leeds United get £23m but that Radrizzani has been paid £8m.

Thornton confirmed this would mean a net for Leeds of £15m in the bank.

Another set of shares are waiting to complete the 49ers deal.

Thornton thinks this values the club at $300m or £220.

leeds united

Money, money, money

Whenever a document like this turns up at Companies House, fans are desperate to know what’s going on.

We were expecting a fresh share issue and this appears to be the first tranche of cash from our partner in crime, the 49ers.

It also looks like Radrizzani has cashed in and taken some money back.

Getting the 49ers cash in the bank is helpful in this time when Leeds have lost so much revenue from no fans because of the Covid pandemic.

While other clubs are tightening their belts, Leeds are embarking on a 5-7 year plan that will hopefully see us back at the top table in Europe.

Leeds are planning another round of transfers in the summer and there have been positive comments from Bielsa about a long-term project at the club.

It’s exciting times for Leeds fans.

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