By Mark Smith

8th Sep, 2022 | 4:25pm

Keith Hackett explodes at Dermot Gallagher after view on Leeds United controversy v Brentford

Keith Hackett has exploded at Dermot Gallagher for his view on Leeds United not being handed a penalty aginst Brentford in the Premier League.

Crysencio Summerville was fouled multiple times on his way into the box by Aaron Hickey before eventually being dragged down, something Gallagher tried to defend.

Hackett, an ex-FIFA referee, took aim at that and labelled the former official as a “puppet” for Mike Riley by defending officials and VAR yet again in his Sky Sports appearance.

Writing on his personal Twitter account, Hackett hit back at Gallagher for his words on the matter as his segment on Sky continues to get worst each week.

“Dermott you are a great guy, but you are humbling and stumbling,” he wrote.

“This WAS a foul inside the penalty area and the Referee and VAR made a complete hash of an easy decision. Stop being a PGMOL puppet. Riley your master is on his way.

“Sorry, Dermot you are losing respect.”


Gallagher is getting worst every week, and his opinion is quickly becoming irrelevant.

Despite being one of the best throughout his career, it is more and more clear that all he does on Sky Sports is agree with the officials or try to find a way to justify their decisions.

Summerville was fouled multiple times, not just once in this segment, yet the officials apparently did nothing wrong, it is simply incompetence on the highest level.

Hackett doesn’t hold back though and speaks the truth at every last hurdle, something he has been forced to come out and do again as the game of being a referee gets dragged through the mud.

The Premier League is easily the worst around for VAR and officiating, it simply isn’t good enough and when people go around banging the drum for them, it makes no sense.

Hackett is here to save the day yet again, and it isn’t the first time.

In other Leeds United news, the Whites have said see you again to one attacker after being left baffled by a deadline day agreement