By David Woods

2nd Jul, 2020 | 10:01am

Journalist makes worrying claim about QSI takeover as Leeds home in on promotion

Leeds United fans have been calling for two things this season – promotion and a huge injection of funds from QSI. In that order.

Andrea Radrizzani has said he’s ready to take on more investment if Leeds get into the Premier League – and just six games stand between that and reality now.

QSI is the name that keeps cropping up when Radrizzani talks about investment.

However, as far as QSI investment goes, it could be a case of ‘be careful what you wish for’ for Leeds fans.

Talking on the latest episode of the Football Writers Podcast, journalist Seb Stafford Bloor claimed that Marcelo Bielsa would be likely to leave “within a year” if QSI money came in.

“It depends what happens next with Leeds and with Andrea Radrizzani, because of his friendship with Nasser Al-Khelaifi [QSI chairman], the suggestion has always been that if Leeds reach the Premier League, there will be some sort of takeover,” Stafford Bloor said.

“There’s enough ambiguity in some of the statements he’s issued and interviews he’s given to give credence to this.

“If you substitute QSI into the situation at Elland Road, that’s the potential tap that gives you the unlimited supply of money.

“Bielsa – above all else – is a bit of a contrarian. He is not an orthodox thinker in terms of where he commits his future. He’s always made a big thing of making his coaching decisions based on what he’s going into in a three-dimensional sense. So, the squad, the team and the resources, yes, but also things like the city.

“Now, what would be fascinating is, if a takeover came in I don’t think Bielsa is ideologically the fit for that, because it changes what Leeds are.

“And I think there’s a very real possibility that – probably not this summer – but at least within a year, he walks away.”

QSI or Bielsa?

This is definitely something to consider.

Would fans take QSI money if it meant Bielsa leaving? Or would they prefer to give Bielsa the free reign he has at the moment and just take the money that comes with promotion?

The QSI lure is obvious. Radrizzani has said (with little ambiguity, we have to say) that QSI money could take Leeds into the same spending bracket as Man City. [The Times]

But Stafford Bloor makes a very good point. Bielsa has a set way of working and it involves a small squad of players and control over who comes in.

If a QSI takeover happened then there are suddenly very different commercial considerations and we can’t see Bielsa retaining full control.

If that happens, we can definitely see him walking away. With Bielsa, it’s his way or no way.

As far as MOT Leeds News is concerned, it’s Bielsa all the way. The ideal situation would be extra investment that falls short of a takeover, leaving control with Radrizzani and ultimately with Bielsa.

Losing Bielsa for cash would be to rip the heart out of the club.

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