Bundesliga expert Manuel Veth has deliverd the stance of RB Leipzig after Leeds United decided not to extend the loan of striker Jean-Kevin Augustin.

The Forbes journalist said, “RB Leipzig have made it clear. In case of Leeds’ promotion they will have to buy Jean-Kevin Augustin for €21m. #LUFC are currently trying to get out of the contract citing that the season ends after June 30. Leipzig maintain, the contract is water tight. Bring in the lawyers.”

The Athletic journalist Phil Hay retweeted the update from Veth and added his own reaction to the update.

One fan said it wasn’t a good situation for Leeds and Hay said, “No but that’s the reality of obligations.”

He added, “It’s an obligation. Unless there are contractual loopholes, Leeds are in a corner with this one. The added complication is does Augustin even want to sign but ultimately, the contract is the contract.”

He also said that personal terms with Augustin would have been agreed at the outset of the deal.

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Augustin – a transfer gone wrong

It looks like Leeds have got themselves in a bit of a pickle over Augustin.

You can see both sides. For RB Leipzig, a deal is a deal and they will have been very happy to recoup their money and more for a player who has no future at the club.

They paid £14.4m for Augustin from PSG but he’s never settled at the Bundesliga club.

Actually, Augustin has never settled anywhere and Leeds are just the latest club where he’s disappointed.

From Leeds’ side, why would they want to sign a player who can’t play?

Augustin’s body obviously hasn’t been able to cope with the rigours of the Marcelo Bielsa regime and that’s a huge problem going forward if Leeds are forced to buy him.

Leeds seem to be holding out on the technicality that the contract has ended and the club isn’t (yet) promoted.

It seems the contract issue is headed for the lawyers and we hope that Leeds can keep hold of the money and invest it in another striker.

It does ask questions about the policy of making a deal like this for a player who wasn’t fit. You’d think Leeds would have learned from the Izzy Brown debacle.

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