By David Woods

10th Mar, 2020 | 7:29am

Jonathan Walters sends Twitter messages about Leeds promotion and Coronavirus

Former Premier League star Jonathan Walters has said that if the Coronavirus spreads “We should just cancel the Premier League and start afresh next season”.

He went on to say, “You can’t play matches behind closed doors. Football is what it is because of the fans and without them the game isn’t the same.”

One fan replied saying it was “Not entirely fair on the teams working hard to get promoted, can’t imagine too many Leeds fans would agree with you.”

Walters replied jokingly saying, “It’s okay. We’ll let Leeds come up and swap them with Norwich”.

Playing games behind closed doors remains an option.

The EFL met with the game’s governing bodies on Monday in London to discuss, among other things, the possibility of keeping fans away from games.

That’s already happening in Serie A and Ligue 1 but it was decided that there is no necessity to do this in the Premier League or the EFL yet.

That could change and it has to remain a possibility for later in this season, but for the next two weeks at least it appears that Leeds fans will be able to continue supporting their side in the flesh.

As for cancelling the leagues as per Walters’ suggestion… There’s not been any suggestion this would happen and the situation would have to get way worse for this to even be an option given the logistical and legal issues it would throw up.

The only way we could feasibly see this happening is if fixtures can’t be completed because of Coronavirus – and that would throw up an almost impossible position for the EFL and the Premier League to deal with fairly.

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