Leeds United striker Patrick Bamford is always someone who is getting talked about by fans and pundits, but it is mainly for his performances on the pitch.

During Leeds’ 3-0 win against Fulham, 26-year-old Bamford was spotted playing on his mobile phone after being substituted off by Marcelo Bielsa, while also being filmed with an ice-pack on his knee.

Sky Sports pundit Andy Hinchcliffe hit out at Bamford during the game and has since been asked about the incident again.

And the former Sheffield Wednesday and England player has had even more strong words to describe Bamford for it.

“I’m not sure I would use the term lambasting, I reacted in the way I did because of the surprise of it,” Hinchcliffe said on Sky Sports’ EFL podcast.

“You think this would happen more and more with people using social media and their phones so much but, again, if you’ve been substituted or you’re a substitute waiting to come on, you can’t be messing around with your phone.

“It was just the surprise of seeing a player involved in the game on his phone. I feel that’s completely unprofessional.”

When told that Bamford was on his phone during a water break, Hinchcliffe added: “I don’t care, it’s wrong. Let’s just leave it there.”

If you get a minute to listen to the podcast and listen to Hinchcliffe’s rant about Bamford, he is clearly irate with the striker’s actions.

At the end of the day, does it really matter that much?

Bamford is sat on his own in the stand, at least two metres away from any of his team-mates and he used his phone during a drink break.

For all we know, the striker could have been texting Marcelo Bielsa to tell him something about a Fulham defender or was texting a team-mate who was about to be substituted on how he can get the better of a certain player.

Usually, players are sat on the bench and trying to give each other hints and tips all the time but they cannot do that with social distancing rules in place.

Bamford’s not going to yell across Elland Road to a team-mate to point out what Fulham’s weakness is.

Hinchcliffe should know better than to assume Bamford was being unprofessional.

In other Leeds United news, Phil Hay has detailed Bielsa’s stance on Jean-Kevin Augustin.


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