While some corners still call for the 19/20 season to be voided, it seems that the football world is determined to get it done. 

Dr Jenny Harries, the government’s deputy chief medical officer, told a Downing Street press conference that the lockdown the UK is currently experiencing could go on for six months.

That led to Piers Morgan, a big Arsenal fan, to call again for the 19/20 season to be voided.

He said, “This cold, hard reality check should be the end of the ‘save the football season’ debate.”

However, Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville responded by saying he has been “sent a proposal privately that doesn’t start the football season for 6 months and the seasons run through summer (break for Euros) and link into the Qatar World Cup. The season shifts in 2 years anyway.”

Could World Cup shift seasons?

The Qatar World Cup is set to play out between November 21 and December 18 2022.

That was always going to pose logistical problems for the domestic seasons but this plan could see the 20/21 season start in February and play through the summer with a break for the Euros.

That is certainly “innovation” but it shows the determination to get the 19/20 season finished, which is something all Leeds United fans want.

There is one very big reason why the Premier League wants to get the season finished – according to the Times it faces a £750m bill if it’s not played, with top sides such as Liverpool and Man City bearing the brunt with bills of up to £80m each.

Neville has said this is a big issue as some clubs have already spent the cash

That’s certainly incentive to get the season done and it looks like the plans to play the remaining fixtures are taking in every possible eventuality.

Hopefully, this worst-case scenario won’t play out – six months is a long time to go without football and a long time for the UK to stay inside.

In other Leeds United news, ‘TV mega-event’ to see 19/20 season concluded in govt-backed plan, brilliant for Leeds


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