By Craig Scott

10th Nov, 2021 | 7:16pm

Gary Lineker hails Patrick Bamford as Leeds United star hits back at trolls

Gary Lineker has hailed Patrick Bamford after the Leeds United striker hit out at social media trolls for telling him to avoid talking about anything but football.

After being told to ‘stick to football’ himself, Bamford told FootballJOE that he’s been left annoyed after seeing Lineker get similar responses for talking about politics.

Bamford dubbed it “nonsense” and Match of the Day host Lineker completely agrees with the Elland Road hitman.

“Well said, Patrick Bamford, but the ‘stick to football’ line only seems to be applied when they disagree with us,” Lineker said via his personal Twitter account on Wednesday.

Stick to whatever you want

What a stupid response.

So many people seem to believe that footballers aren’t humans like themselves and all they can ever go on about is football itself.

However, for some bizarre reason, footballers are also affected by politics, climate change, social issues and other things other than a spot. Who would have thought it!?

Bamford’s recently spoken about climate change and we applaud that. He’s speaking out about something very important and the more we hear footballers and other people in the public eye talking about these issues, the more awareness is brought to it.

We urge Bamford, Lineker and any other football to continue speaking their mind and not feel as though they need to hide behind the fact they are a footballer.

You’re not a robot, you’re a human who’s opinion holds as much weight as most of us.

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