By Daniel Feliciano

4th Jan, 2023 | 8:10am

Gabriel Agbonlahor takes swipe at Leeds United boss Jesse Marsch live on talkSPORT

Gabriel Agbonlahor has taken a bizarre swipe at Leeds United boss Jesse Marsch live on talkSPORT for his touchline antics.

Marsch has been criticised a lot for being animated on the touchline since taking over at Elland Road, and has previously admitted to sometimes letting his emotions get the better of him during a game.

But while discussing Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta’s tendency to do the same thing, Agbonlahor took a swipe at Marsch while appearing on the talkSPORT breakfast show (4 January, 7:10am).

“People don’t like Arteta’s reactions on the side during the game but I love it,” he said.

“Because I think Jesse Marsch it’s all for show at Leeds. But I feel like Arteta, he really is passionate about winning the Premier League and winning trophies for Arsenal.

“He’s not just doing it for show, he’s on the side because he can’t help himself because he’s so agitated to win the Premier League for Arsenal, and he would have been so frustrated after the game.”


We don’t know what Marsch has done to offend Agbonlahor but he must have done something, because this is just bizarre.

According to the former Villa striker, Marsch isn’t allowed to be animated but Arteta is because they’re going for titles and trophies while we aren’t.

What a load of rubbish.

Marsch clearly cares a lot about what is happening on the pitch with Leeds and his team, because it’s his team and he also wants to win. You could say his reactions show that he cares too much sometimes.

To claim that his reactions are all for show when we’ve seen the joy he has for last minute winners that go our way and the despair when they go against us is just a very weird accusation.

He has no idea how Marsch feels, and even if it was all for show, what’s the difference? They do the same thing. You either like the animation or you don’t. Just another reason to take a swing at Leeds.

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