Patrick Bamford has found his home at Leeds United after a career spent looking for success on loan.

One of the clubs where he failed to make an impact was at Burnley and comments that he made in the Daily Mail about why that was have emerged.

They were picked up by football account The Tactical Times who added, “Patrick Bamford on why he couldn’t get a game for Burnley. Jesus christ, Sean.”

In the interview, Bamford said, ‘It wasn’t an issue at Burnley until I started asking why I wasn’t playing, and then the manager started citing other reasons: “born with a silver spoon in your mouth”, “listening to too many people influencing you outside of football”.

‘When I asked for an example, the answer was “who did you arrive with when you signed on your first day?” I said “my mum and dad” and he said “exactly”. Then I started getting defensive. I didn’t think that was right.’

This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard about Bamford and Dyche at Burnley.

It seems that the two just clashed badly and Bamford has said that his ‘monied’ background has caused other problems.

We haven’t heard Dyche’s side of the story but we’d imagine that Bamford isn’t making this up if he’s happy for it to go out in a national newspaper.

It doesn’t paint a good picture of Dyche at all but perhaps it goes with his old-style no-nonsense brand of football that has never set the Premier League alight.

Bamford isn’t the first player to be discriminated against in the UK for not fitting the working-class model – we still remember the fallout from Graeme Le Saux admitting he read the Guardian.

Thankfully, Marcelo Bielsa only cares about football and he saw something in Bamford that no other managers have, and the two have forged a very successful partnership.

This season must taste especially sweet for Bamford after all of his knockbacks and scoring the winner in the 1-0 win over Burnley in December must have been the cherry on top.

Fans from many different clubs reacted to the comments and many of them are stunned and angry about Dyche’s discrimination.

Here are the best reactions…

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