By David Woods

20th Jan, 2020 | 11:32am

Companies House docs show Radrizzani prepping for possible £30m loan

Leeds United fans are desperate to see some new signings this month and have been hoping to see new investment in the club to facilitate new players.

It is thought that there isn’t much money at Leeds to do new deals this January, added to the fact that the club needs to stay within Profit & Sustainability levels.

However, it’s entirely possible that Leeds could get their hands on money to spend without selling a stake in the club.

Mike T, a director of Leeds Fans Utd, a group that shares fan ownership of the club, has spotted something interesting on Companies House.

He pointed to a document that lists Leeds United as a “borrower” and said that it gives Andrea Radrizzani the facility to borrow up to £30m ($40m) from an American based investment fund.

Mike T said that this doesn’t mean that Radrizzani is going to borrow the money and that it might not have anything to do with Leeds.

However, he also added, “It may be extra cash for the club or it may all be needed to prop up other companies. Indeed, it may all come as news to Leeds United or it may be as a result of the club requesting extra investment.”

Whether Leeds get any money or not – this means it is there if that’s what Radrizzani is planning – the club still has to stick with financial fair play limits, unless they decide to spend and gamble on promotion.

MOT Leeds News columnist Paul Robinson has urged the club to do that, saying this season represents the club’s best chance of promotion.

“This is the club’s best-ever chance to go back up,” Robinson said exclusively to MOT Leeds News. “If it takes £20m on a player or two players, Radrizzani needs to go and get the £20m from somewhere. Take the risk.

“If you go up you can pay £20m back, you can pay £30m, £40m back. Whoever you can get it from, wherever you can borrow it from, get it and pay them back double or even treble when you get promoted.”

This might turn out to be nothing but it might – and we stress might – point to Radrizzani getting his ducks in a row for a major signing.

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