Peterborough owner Darragh MacAnthony has commented on the impending £1m deal that could see Wigan striker Joe Gelhardt move to Leeds United, saying he’s being sold “below market value”. 

He wants to see the EFL put a man into clubs in administration to stop players being sold on the cheap.

Wigan were relegated after being docked 12 points for falling into administration.

They’re now having to sell players with Leeds looking to be one of the chief beneficiaries.

The BBC has said that Leeds are in advanced negotiations over a £1m deal for Gelhardt and MacAnthony said, “This justifies my advocation for an EFL ‘Football Person’ to be placed at clubs in admin so that assets aren’t snapped up for below market value.

“This kid is worth more imo & fair play to Leeds getting this deal. But too cheap imo if true. Another easy issue to fix quickly imo.”

Gelhardt – a real bargain

What can we say?

We’ve got a huge amount of sympathy for Wigan and its current plight – Leeds fans know only too well what’s going on there and how the fans will feel.

Wigan came so close to beating the drop despite getting docked 12 points and their form in the second half of the season was truly incredible.

There’s no doubt Leeds are getting on the right end of the deal if they sign Gelhardt for £1m – and we hope this post from MacAnthony doesn’t mean it hits the rocks.

But Leeds have also suffered the reverse when they hit financial troubles.

Would it work to have an EFL man present when a club is in administration? To be honest, we can’t think of anything that would likely make the situation much worse.

Administrators are specialists at their job and Wigan admin man Paul Stanley seems to genuinely have the club’s interests at heart.

Of course, he’s going to be paid handsomely for the job he’s doing and there will always be a conflict, but we’re surprised that MacAnthony thinks the EFL would make it any better after his run-ins with them over lockdown.

We don’t know what the answer is but we don’t think it’s the EFL.

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