By Sam Stone

9th Sep, 2022 | 11:10am

Alex Chang: 49ers had no say in Leeds United signing American players

49ers CMO Alex Chang has insisted that the American players at Leeds United have nothing to do with the stateside ownership.

Leeds signed the American international duo of Tyler Adams and Brenden Aaronson over the summer, as well as Jesse Marsch taking the reigns in the 2021/22 season.

Despite the 49ers residing from the United States, Chang has insisted they had no influence over the signings of the American duo.

Talking on the SportsPro Podcast [25:00 minutes, 8 September], Chang said: “The American influence on Leeds is serendipitous, with us having these rights, the folks they signed during the off-season with Brenden and with Tyler.

“Again, serendipitous, we have nothing to do with that, but it’s cool to have some American players there and then they’re actually playing very well.”

“Having that connection is nice and if that helps us strengthen that connection between the two organisations, that’s great, that helps.

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“Our fans here in the US become Leeds fans because of that strong American connection. That’s great too and we want to encourage that.”

Good marketing

It was clear that once Marsch was appointed Leeds boss, there was going to be an influence from across the pond on the club, regardless of what Chang has alluded to.

Just by looking at Marsch’s previously clubs, it’s clear to see that he likes to bring American players that he trusts into his squad. So the 49ers would’ve been aware of the way he likes to work before his appointment at Elland Road.

From a marketing perspective, America is a country that could prove to be a profitable place to expand the club’s name due to the up-and-coming nature of football.

Having the USMNT’s most promising young player in Brenden Aaronson playing for Leeds can only benefit the club in the long run, both from a football perspective and a marketing one.

What is crucial is that Chang’s words ring true and continue to remain true. Marsch has brought these players to the club because they are suited well to his system, not because they’re American.

If we begin to see an influx of lower calibre American players then the 49ers could potentially be getting involved with the transfer operations at Elland Road which would be an issue.

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