By David Woods

9th Jun, 2020 | 4:43pm

'Very powerful' – Simon Jordan makes big claim about Leeds and EFL relationship

Simon Jordan has said that clubs “like Leeds” have “enormous influence” in the EFL, as he bemoaned the fact that Leagues One and Two cannot fulfil their remaining fixtures.

He also said that the EFL needed a new structure in order to function properly.

Leagues One and Two voted to end their seasons early on Tuesday, with the Championship the only EFL league that will now finish.

Jordan claimed that the system was broken and that the Championship was a money-losing venture that only existed to get teams into the top-flight.

Talking on the White & Sawyer Show (talkSPORT, Tuesday, 11am) Jordan said, “I think it’s a sad indictment of the football pyramid in this country that the Premier League and the Championship will finish their fixture list but, for a comparatively small amount of money, the other clubs can’t find a methodology to find a solution to finish the season.

“Rick Parry had the audacity to tell the Championship to do something [restart on June 20] and what happened? You had people coming up and saying I’m not having this, I don’t want to do that.

“Unless you have independent commissioners like in the NFL getting control you’ll consistently have 71 different voices in the league.

“The dynamic of the Championship is that it’s driven by a money-based situation, and you have very powerful and influential clubs like Leeds United, who have an enormous amount of relevance and size and significance and influence.

“And you have a league maybe made up of 80% of teams who have been in the Premier League.

“This voice and drive… despite the fact that league loses £500m a year and has no financial acumen about it apart from trying to get teams back in the Premier League.”

Simon Jordan makes some good points about the Championship and the EFL.

But there are many Leeds fans who would argue bitterly about his assertion that Leeds have any undue control over the agenda in the EFL or the Championship.

Fans have long said that the EFL doesn’t treat Leeds fairly.

Leeds have been forced to have their matches televised more than any other club for little financial reward.

Leeds were fined £200,000 after the Spygate scandal, despite not breaking any rules.

Leeds owner Andrea Radrizzani, along with other ‘powerful’ clubs, called for the EFL to not sign the new TV deal that was terrible value for the Championship. The EFL signed it.

If that’s controlling the agenda then we’re going to be very happy to move up into the Premier League.

However, he does make some fantastic points about the EFL. The road that’s led to the Championship restarting and Leagues One and Two ending have highlighted some real problems, in addition to the financial issues.

The fact that the Premier League hasn’t moved to provide a financial rescue package yet is further proof of the broken pyramid that serves as the four-tier system of football in England. Big change is needed or more catastrophic changes could happen.

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