By David Woods

18th May, 2020 | 7:34am

'Encouraging signs' – Alan Shearer hails development that sends big boost to Leeds promotion bid

Alan Shearer hailed the German fans over the weekend as they stayed away from stadiums amid the Bundesliga’s return – a key development that delivers a big boost to getting Leeds United back in action at Elland Road.

Writing in his column in the Sun, Shearer said, “Watching football again was far from normal — but this is the new normal and we all have to get used to it.”

Shearer went on to say that both the players and governing bodies in the UK will have been encouraged by what they saw over the weekend.

Shearer said there still has to be a vote on neutral venues this week, and clubs such as Aston Villa have already said they would block a restart on these terms.

The Championship is also hoping to finish the season in both home and away stadiums.

And Shearer said there were “encouraging signs” from Germany in that respect, with fans staying away from the stadiums.

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Shearer wrote, “By all accounts, fans stayed away from their team’s grounds and, for me, if games are going to be played across all stadiums then we have to trust the supporters.”

While the weight of the football world is still behind Leeds getting promoted however the Championship and Premier League finish, there’s no doubt that the most straightforward way is to win it on the pitch.

That’s what the club and the Leeds players want too.

Last week it was reported that some Premier League clubs – with Norwich sporting director Stuart Webber and Brighton striker Glenn Murray commenting on Sky Sports – would try to block promotion for Leeds and West Brom if the Championship isn’t completed.

The powers that be in the UK will have been watching the Bundesliga’s return carefully and the fans have helped deliver a massive boost to getting football back at Elland Road this season.

Then it will be up to the fans over here.

We know how painful it will be for Leeds fans not to be able to watch their club battle for promotion.

However, if football does return, there will be a big appeal from the club for fans to stay away from Elland Road.

It’s so important that football doesn’t make a big demand on the infrastructure in the UK and fans have to do their bit. Or it could all come crashing down and end in the courts.

The promotion games will be available to watch on TV and that’s what fans will have to rely on to get their Leeds’s fix in what is quickly going to become the new normal for football.

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