Striker Glenn Murray has confirmed that Brighton will look to block promotion for  Leeds United and West Brom if the Championship doesn’t play out its remaining fixtures. 

Murray’s stance echoes that of the Norwich sporting director Stuart Webber, who said the same thing on Wednesday.

Murray was talking on The Football Show on Thursday morning (Sky Sports, 9am) and said, “Listen, our standpoint is that if the games get played the worst three teams get relegated and that’s plain and simple, and hopefully it will be in this case.

“Obviously, the Championship, if we manage to play our games in the Premier League then the bottom three deserve to go down.

“But if they’re to be relegated then the Championship has to finish their games. If the Championship doesn’t finish its games they don’t deserve to be promoted.”

Sky broadcaster David Jones said, “Leeds, West Brom and Fulham would argue that point.”

Murray replied saying, “If the Championship finishes, great, we’ll swap places. But if the Premier League finishes and we get relegated without them kicking a ball I can’t see that’s fair.”

The bottom clubs are getting their stories straight ahead of a potential showdown between them, the Premier League, the EFL and Leeds.

Murray’s standpoint is exactly, almost word for word, the same as that expressed by Webber from Norwich.

It’s a threat that Leeds need to take very seriously – especially after the EFL meeting on Wednesday.

Both the Premier League and the Championship have restart dates in mid-June but they now have no wriggle-room ahead of a deadline of July 31.

If anything goes wrong, if any sides are quarantined once the season starts, there’s a high chance that the Championship won’t get finished on time.

The way things are looking at the moment things would then likely be decided in the courts.

It’s a shame to hear this from Murray, who’s a very eloquent player. As he says, if the Premier League finishes, then the bottom three deserve to go down.

He should end there and not concern himself with things that could be out of the hands of clubs in the Championship.

Is he really saying that Leeds don’t deserve to go up?

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