The Premier League is set for another meeting on Thursday and what happens in the event of curtailment is the headline topic. 

There are some clubs still calling for relegation to be scrapped if the season can’t finish.

That could be disastrous for Leeds, after the Telegraph stated, “There has been no support thus far for a 23-strong, expanded Premier League which would involve a smaller share of broadcast revenue for each club.”

This means that Leeds are absolutely reliant on relegation being enforced to go up.

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This issue over relegation has caused a split in the Premier League, with clubs like Man United insisting three clubs must go down however the league finishes.

That’s the view of the FA, the Premier League and the EFL too, with chairman Rick Parry threatening legal action if the top-flight pull the drawbridge up.

However, Sky Sports has reported that up to 10 clubs want relegation scrapped in the event of fixtures not being fulfilled.

That might not be enough to push through a rule change with the Premier League’s 14/6 weighting, but it would easily be enough to block any vote on a rule change.

That could lead to an impasse and yet more delays over an issue that Leeds really need an answer to.

The Telegraph report has said that the Premier League want the issue sorted before the season starts but that might not be possible and it means that Leeds United could start their campaign with still no clarity on what will happen if the season gets stopped again.

The one bit of good news is that all clubs have agreed to relegation if the season does conclude.

That’s something that Leeds can hold onto with the hope that games can get done in both the Premier League and the Championship.

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