Leeds get major promotion boost from Man United as club makes declaration ahead of PL meeting

The rivalry between Leeds United and Man United is still going strong and we can’t wait to resume it on the pitch next season.

And the prospect of that happening was given a major boost by Man United ahead of a crucial Premier League meeting on Thursday.

The Telegraph reported that Man United’s executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward has slapped down rebel clubs and said they had to accept that three clubs would be relegated no matter how the season ended.

Rebel clubs still want relegation taken off the table with Sky Sports saying on Monday that up to 10 clubs were ready to vote that way if the season had to be curtailed.

That would be a massive problem for Leeds, with Premier League clubs unlikely to vote for an expanded league.

Woodward is obviously keen to get the money-spinning rivalry with Leeds back on next season.

In all seriousness, though, this is great news for Leeds, with the Telegraph saying that Man United were among the leading clubs who insist relegation has to happen.

The news from Sky that up to 10 clubs are ready to vote relegation off the table, with hopeful support from other clubs further up the table, is worrying.

However, it would be a big surprise if the rebels got their way.

Leeds will find out about relegation (and promotion) once and for all on Thursday unless the Premier League vote is delayed.

Following that, the EFL will vote on the same issue early next week.

For Leeds, the drama never stops with just 17 days left before the official Championship restart date.

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