Great news for Leeds United has emerged that the FA has special powers to block any move by the Premier League to take relegation off the table this season. 

That topic has been talked about a lot this week after clubs near the bottom of the league threatened to veto playing in neutral venues – a key part of Project Restart – unless relegation was removed.

The Premier League restart getting voted down or relegation getting taken off the table could have a disastrous impact on Leeds getting promoted.

The Premier League needs 14 clubs of the 20 to vote for a rule change like this.

However, senior Sun journalist Martin Lipton has revealed that the FA can block this even if all 20 clubs vote for it.

The FA is classed as a ‘special shareholder’ and in the original Founders Members Agreement of the Premier League any rule changes can “be effective only with the consent in writing of the Special Shareholder and without such consent shall not be done or caused to be done.”

That includes, “any amendment to, removal of or waiver of . . . the number of members and promotion to and relegation from the League.”

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This is great news for Leeds as it provides another safety net to relegation getting taken off the table.

Obviously, just because the FA has the power of veto doesn’t mean they’d use it, but it would be a big surprise if their views weren’t in tandem with the majority of governing bodies.

EFL chairman Rick Parry has set his stall out in no uncertain terms this week, threatening legal action if three teams aren’t relegated and promoted.

The Premier League has not mentioned any appetite to taking relegation off the table – this has only come from teams at the bottom who are looking after their own interests.

And taking relegation off the table would likely incur the wrath of UEFA who are desperate for seasons to be finished in a manner which maintains sporting integrity.

The Big Six has even pushed for relegation and promotion if the season is cancelled to try to get everyone on board with the restart.

It increasingly looks like the bottom clubs are adrift on their own and with little chance of forcing their controversial views through.

That’s great news for Leeds who could get a huge promotion boost on Monday when the Premier League is set to vote on the season resuming.

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