By David Woods

5th May, 2020 | 1:01pm

'We're hearing' – Jim White claims Championship clubs readying for 'civil war' with Leeds

talkSPORT broadcaster Jim White has said that some Championship clubs, including Preston, are readying themselves for a ‘civil war’ with Leeds United and other clubs that have agreed wage deferrals with their players. 

Leeds and Birmingham, were the first clubs in the Championship to agree wage deferrals in the wake of financial issues from the Coronavirus outbreak.

Talking on the White & Sawyer Show (talkSPORT, Tuesday, 12pm), White said, “We’re told that Championship clubs, we were told by a couple of club CEOs last night, now we’re hearing that other Championship clubs are gearing up for some sort of civil war, a fresh battle over transfers.

“A number of tier-two clubs, such as Preston, say that rival clubs who have agreed deferment plans for wages should be blocked from making transfers when the window opens.

“Why is that? Preston haven’t talked to their players about wage deferrals and they claim that clubs that have should have restrictions placed on them.”

Responding on the show, pundit Simon Jordan – former chairman of Crystal Palace – said that clubs like Preston should mind their own business.

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“This small mealy-minded approach really winds me up,” Jordan said. “With respect to Preston, mind your business.”

There has been no definitive answer as to when the transfer window will open and close with the fate of the 19/20 season still undecided.

We couldn’t have put it any better than Simon Jordan and self-interest of certain clubs is really starting to show.

We get the reasoning. It’s a cash flow thing and if clubs have more money because they haven’t paid wages then they are at an advantage in the transfer window.

But how much difference will this really make over two or so months? And is that enough for a club to be penalised by not being able to buy any players?

For a club like Leeds who are likely to be promoted to the Premier League it would be a ridiculously out-of-proportion punishment.

Leeds players were widely praised for their swift actions in agreeing to a deferral so all non-footballing staff could be paid.

But, ultimately, it’s a Leeds decision that’s got nothing to do with Preston.

As long as Leeds adhere to the rules – and they’re well within profit and sustainability – then when they do internally has nothing to do with other clubs.

‘Mealy-minded’ as Jordan said is a very good way to describe clubs looking to leverage a crisis to get any advantage they can.

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