Alan Nixon has said that Leeds United fans could potentially be welcomed back into Elland Road as early as October, with clubs in talks over reduced capacity crowds.

That’s a lot earlier than had previously been hinted at, with the worst reports saying that games might have to play behind closed doors for the whole of next season.

Others had said that fans wouldn’t come back until a vaccine was found for the Coronavirus, which might not be until 2021.

The report in the Sun claims that it offers a “small sign of hope” for getting fans back into stadiums in 2020.

That’s the good news, but there are plenty of caveats – when isn’t there at the moment?

leeds united

The plan is to enable stadiums to hold a 25% capacity with social distancing.

Leeds fans can’t get tickets for games at Elland Road at the moment anyway, let alone if capacity was dropped to under 10,000.

Still, that would be much better than nothing and we’ve heard the noise that 10,000 Leeds fans can make.

Also, the push is said to have come from the EFL at the moment and the report claims that while the Premier League could take up the option, it would be much harder to implement and might not get backing.

That’s where we’re expecting Leeds to be next season.

Still, it’s a definite move in the right direction. We’ve watched the Bundesliga behind closed doors and it’s not great. Some Leeds fans would be a whole lot better than no Leeds fans.

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