talkSPORT journalist Ian Abrahams has said that there might be no more football in the Championship after the EFL released a statement on the 19/20 campaign.

The EFL stated that it wants the rest of the 19/20 season to be played and the Championship is currently set for a restart on June 20.

If the season can’t be completed, promotion and relegation will be decided on an unweighted points-per-game model that would see Leeds go up as champions.

However, that would require a vote of 51% – which means 13 clubs would have to vote for it.

Hull City had been the only club to officially state that they want the season to end early.

However, Abrahams claims that number is rising and it could mean Leeds get promoted via an email from the EFL.

Talking on Hawksbee and Jacobs (talkSPORT, Thursday, 2pm), Abrahams said, “My understanding is that 60% of clubs in League One want to stop. If that’s the case it’s the end of League One football.

“They’ve said relegation has to happen across all three leagues. The only caveat is that if the national league can’t commit to starting the 20/21 season, that would stop relegation as they’d have nowhere to play.

“My understanding, Hull don’t want to play. Three other clubs don’t want to play and I’ve heard there could be a number of other clubs who feel the same way.

“If that gets to 13 then there will be no more Championship football this season. It’s really interesting.

“It means that there is probably no more football in Leagues One and Two and possibly in the Championship.

“Just because a decision is taken, it doesn’t mean it’s the final decision as lawyers could get involved.”

leeds united

The EFL statement puts into sharp focus the possibilities that Leeds fans have been talking about for weeks.

And, for the first time, we can see a scenario where Leeds don’t get to play again this season.

You have to imagine that Hull will now lobby very hard for the season to be finished and getting the support of 13 clubs isn’t a massive stretch, especially if Abrahams is right and six or seven are already on board.

Derby’s owner Mel Morris has come out and said he’d vote for the league to be ended and Leeds to go up.

Derby are five points off the play-offs.

If you take them and move down, you’d have 13 clubs. However, the current bottom three will surely not be voting to end the season as that would confirm their relegation.

If that’s the case it would take up to Cardiff to vote for the season to end and they’re only two points off the play-offs.

We can’t see that happening.

But the top six could possibly vote for the proposal to ensure they get promoted and stay in the play-off spots.

As Abrahams says, it’s be about to get interesting.

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